Mr and Mrs Fox: The Wedding Prep!

Mrs and Mrs Fox: The Wedding Prep!

Mummy and Daddy got married!

On Easter Monday the 28th March 2016 Daniel and I got married. Now if you missed this… well how did you miss this?

The Proposal

I was 7 months pregnant when Daniel proposed to me, on our anniversary. It hadn’t been the best evening and I was the most uncomfortable I’d ever been with restless legs. However we’d decided to go to the Hippodrome in Birmingham to watch Wicked. It was amazing, but not the best thing for a heavily (VERY HEAVILY – I was a whale!) pregnant lady.

We arrived home, I went to go to bed to find flowers on my bedside table and a bed full of Fox things and rings! Fox’s biscuits, party rings (Fox’s), Haribo (rings) and an actual ring. I won’t bore you with the actual details of the proposal. But, it was adorable and I obviously said yes!

Lots of planning went into our Wedding day. Wedding prep is hard work! There is so much to think about.

Wedding Prep

Fast forward 18 months and you’ll hit our wedding day. Alfie had spent the night with me at our house, whilst Dan was at his parents. I had my mum and dad, my sister and my Maid of Honour, Katy with me and Dan had the Groomsmen. We had pigged out on Pizza and had an early night. Who knows what time a toddler is going to get you up…

The absolutely stunning venue, Swancar Farm Country House, was an hour away from home so it was an early start for us anyway. A fab journey with Alfie and Katy meant that I wasn’t nervous at all, until I had a text from Dan saying that he’d be late picking Alfie up because of traffic. Having Alfie around whilst lots of girls were getting ready wasn’t really part of the plan! But, it made for some absolutely gorgeous photos, thanks Linda!

I mean who doesn’t want their nephew helping them to brush their teeth?!

Once Alfie had been picked up it was time for the chaos. Or so I thought. I’d imagined the wedding prep being a chaotic with everybody running around. We had lots of jobs to do and lots of hair and make up to fit in. However, It was the opposite. I’ve never been so calmed or so chilled out. It was so lovely to get to sit on the bed with my Mum and my Sister and have a chat and enjoy the preparation time.

Talking of hair and make up, doesn’t Amy look absolutely stunning in this crazy picture (Love you Ames!)

We had two lovely girls come and do our hair and make up and I’d just like to say a big thank you to them for making it so easy to get ready with them around, and for making us look lovely!

Once we’d been dolled up it was time to get into our dresses. Once it was on it looked amazing, but it is not an easy task getting into a wedding dress.

The Dresses

My dress, and the girls bridesmaids dresses, were from a lovely family run dress shop in Hinckley called Liney’s Brides. The girls there are fantastic, helpful and could not love their job more. Thank you for helping me to pick the most perfect dress for me!

Why can’t wedding dresses be worn again for something else? It is such a waste to spend lots of money on a gorgeous dress for one day and then not get to wear it again. Come on guys I need an excuse to wear it again. If I can fit into it that is…

More Wedding Blog fun in Mr and Mrs Fox: The journey to the Church and the surprise!

Mummy Fox aka Mrs Fox xx

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