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Mummy Fox - Baby Blog Begins! The joys of my first pregnancy, the highs, the lows, the crazy photos and the journey with me!

Three months and three days later I’ve finally made it… I’m starting my baby blog!

I wanted to do it from day 1 of Baby Fox, but that never happened so now it’s a case of better late than never!

So, I best start at the beginning before jumping to baby Fox at 3 months hadn’t i?

The first trimester!

On 17th March 2014 the pink line showed up on the pregnancy test, photo evidence and best friend help was needed before getting a clear blue test that confirmed it all and said “Pregnant – 2-3 weeks” (Which really means 5-6!)

I was unsure of my dates so had a scan at 10 weeks and 3 days and we finally saw our baby fox on the screen. If you’ve never seen an ultrasound, then let me tell you this – it is the most emotional, surreal and amazing experience you could have!

Some light bleeding and cramping meant then we had an emergency scan at the early pregnancy unit at 11 weeks. That was the worst two days of my pregnancy. I would never wish the worry that you may be losing your baby on my worst enemy. But we had a fighter! After an ultrasound and some more tests we were told that Baby Fox was totally fine. It was nothing to worry about. Worry I still did until we had our proper 12 week scan.

I was very lucky in that I was quite well during my first trimester. I felt a bit nauseous when I was near strong smelling foods and drinks but that soon passed.

As in true baby fashion the little one has woken up! Second trimester in the next baby blog!

Mummy Fox xx

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