Top 10 Pregnancy Announcements!

Are you pregnant and looking to announce your pregnancy? Then look no further! Here are my top 10 pregnancy announcements!

When you first find out your pregnant there are so many things that you think of. After it dawns on you that you’ll soon have this little person that will solely rely on you, you get to think of the fun bits. The nursery, the baby clothes, the pregnancy announcements!

Now there is the world of Pinterest it has got a whole lot more exciting. When I was pregnant with Alfie we knew that we wanted to get Baby Fox a pair of converse and the converse on the chalkboard idea grew. This time around, I wanted to do everything and anything. So that’s what we did.

Pregnancy Announcements

#1 – Converse

We announced our pregnancy with Alfie with those baby white converse. So it was only fair that we announced this pregnancy with them too! They are not cute not to include!

#2 – Superhero Sidekick

I’ve seen many versions of this floating around Pinterest. We saw this Superbaby outfit and could not resist!

Alfie loved dressing up in the Superman outfit too, but he did not want to pose. Never work with children and animals they say…

#3 – Film promo Photo

I now think that this is my absolute favourite! It worked so much better than I thought it would. Let me tell you, it was so tempting to eat all of those sweets and chocolates that were put in front of me!

#4 – Faces

How cute is this? All you need is a camera and your little one, daddy or mummy and get them to pull some silly faces. Simple!

#5 – Big Brother/Sister Photoshoot

We are massive book lovers in our house. Alfie does understand that there is a baby in Mummy’s tummy but this book was too adorable to not get. It made my cry in Waterstones! One of the pages reads “Sometimes me and Mummy like to cuddle on our own, and I tell them that I love them through her tummy telephone”.

#6 – Beach Photo

Photos like these are easy to do if you have a willing model. Alfie, not so much. He wanted to head butt my belly, lift up my dress and kiss it or swing from my arms. It is totally adorable though!

#7 – Instagram Flatlays

Instagram photos are how I find most things out at the moment. It’s the platform I enjoy browsing the most! The possibilities are endless. Plus with such exciting subject as pregnancy announcements you can’t not post such a cute photos!

#8 – Safety Pin Family

Again another simple pregnancy announcement, although getting the different sizes of safety pin was not an easy task. Who’d have thought it?! It looks much more realistic, and obvious, with a pregnant belly!

#9 – New player game

New player or player 1/2 announcements are now a staple one, following Gi and Tom Fletcher’s gorgeous player two announcement, when they were expecting another a sibling for Buzz!

Plus Dan is a massive games lover, so it was perfect for him. In fact that Luigi hat belongs to Dan!

#10 – Eating for two

This announcement cannot go wrong, you can also do it with cookies, or Krispy Kreme doughnuts… Mmm Doughnuts… I’ll be taking doughnuts into work and telling everyone our news this way!

Which is your favourite? To find out more about my pregnancy and how I’m getting on have a read of my pregnancy announcement post here. There will be millions of backdated updates to follow too!

Mummy Fox xx

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