The Final Part… Baby Fox

After filling in all of the forms and giving my consent, the doctor going through the risks and telling me what would happen, we were ready.

I had a lovely hospital gown to put on, amazing socks that I had to wear for SIX weeks and then all we had to do was wait. Dan had a lovely outfit to wear too, he had to scrub up!

We were told earlier on that I was second on the list and it would probably be around 11am. I spent my time texting Katy non stop. She was prepared for that and took her phone charger into work with her – on a couple of occasions she’d not been able to keep me company via text and snapchat at the hospital because her phone died, she wasn’t letting that happen today!

I text everybody asking them what their guesses were for Baby Fox’s weight! I guessed 9lb something, towards the 10lb mark. Our friend Wayne guessed 10lb 5oz. I thought that could never happen, I knew he was going to be big but not that big! Katy replied with a weight I can’t remember and then a time. 12.46pm.

If I have to wait until then I won’t be happy!

As it happened I did have to wait longer than the 11am the midwife told us. There was a lady in labour who may have had to have had forceps and failing that an emergency caesarean. Meaning that she would need to take my spot in theatre.

I got really upset. I knew it was more important for the space to be kept free for the labouring lady, but I just wanted my baby. Katy and Dan kept my spirits up, well Dan tried until he fell asleep in the hospital chair!

It got to just after lunch time and I decided that I was going to try to sleep to ignore the fact that I could be waiting a while and that I was starving! Oh yeah have you forgotten I had to be nil by mouth? I hadn’t eaten in 12 hours!

I lay down on the hospital bed and got comfy, or as comfortable as you can get when you are nearly 41 weeks pregnant and look like a whale!

As soon as I got comfy the midwife came in, “Are you ready?” Erm? What? Now?! I didn’t even have time to text Katy! Dan had to do that whilst he was putting his sexy hair net hat on!

They should have given him one for his beard!

It was freezing in the theatre and we’d brought clothes for Baby Fox as it was unlikely I would be able to do skin to skin straight away as he’d get cold and there is not much space at the top of the theatre bed!

After having the spinal anaesthetic and being lay down on the bed, I felt very sick. Laying down was not recommended to pregnant ladies and the Anaesthetist had said if I felt sick or dizzy they could give me something that would make me feel better so they did.

Once everything was set up ready, Dan was able to come in. He was to the side of me at the top but couldn’t see anything. The caesarean itself takes about 45 minutes but the baby is out in about 15. We got to that and he wasn’t out yet. I wasn’t worried as nobody else seemed worried.

After what seemed like a life time, but was actually 12.47pm (So close Katy!) the doctor said your baby boy is here, he’s just a bit shocked, I think we disturbed him. Then this almighty scream happened. As soon as I heard that I knew he was fine.

The anaesthetic must have done some funny things to me because I don’t remember being shown Alfie until he had been into the recovery room, been weighed, given the vitamin k injection and dressed. Then they brought my Alfie George into see me.

He was perfect. All ten pounds and five ounces of him! (Well done Wayne) 

You will never feel love properly until you meet your baby for the first time.

I love you Alfie George,

Mummy Fox xx

(Recovery and what really happened during that c-section in the next blog!)

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