A Bella Italia Breakfast

A Bella Italia Breakfast. A review of Bella Italia's breakfast menu. The four of us had different breakfasts and they were all delicious!
Bella Italia Breakfast

We headed to Blackpool recently for a weekend away to see the Illuminations. Our hotel was just outside the town centre and we enjoyed the last of the summer sun. We didn’t have breakfast at our hotel so we headed into town to find somewhere to eat. We walked past a cute Bella Italia next to the shopping centre which unfortunately wasn’t serving breakfasts, even though there was a sign advertising them outside! Strange I know! Luckily she did say there was another the other side of town if we wanted to venture over and see if they were serving. Luckily they were, as I’d googled the Bella Italia breakfast menu and teased my husband with Bacon and Pancakes!

The waitress working was really cheery and helpful and put so much effort into helping us entertain Alfie. She gave him crayons, a colouring sheet, orange juice and a straw. What more could a toddler need?!

We ordered tea and coffees and had a nosy at the menu as to what we wanted. Bella Italia have a great breakfast menu with lots of choice, plus they have a kids breakfast menu!

You could have anything from a Bella Breakfast (which I had and LOVED) to a Breakfast Pizza, a Pancake Stack or a Ciabatta breakfast sandwich. There are so many yummy choices.

Kids Bella Italia Breakfast

The kids breakfast menu also had a good selection, you could have a kids mini breakfast with egg, beans, bacon or sausage or you could have a pancake stack. Alfie had the pancakes with strawberries and a tiny bit of maple syrup. I think he enjoyed it as his plate was cleared and he was asking for more!

This was one of the nicest breakfasts we’ve had in a long time. The service was great and we were glad that we took the time to walk to the other restaurant. It was definitely worth it.

I always thought that Bella Italia was on the expensive side and in all honesty we’ve never been in before. However, that is definitely going to change. The breakfasts were more than worth it and they are definitely great value for money. I had a nosey at the main menu are there are so many scrumptious sounding dishes! I’m already trying to plan we can go out for a date night just me and Dan or a family meal out, given they are family friendly. Always a bonus, especially as us parents are always worrying about what other people will be thinking of the little ones behaviour.

If you’ve got a Bella Italia near you then pop by one morning and you will definitely be pleasantly surprised! If you’ve been before what is your favourite breakfast? What should we try next?

Mummy Fox xx

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