FreeRider Range Wraps

Our review of the FreeRider Range Wraps. We have the Wild Leaf patterned wrap from the Tencel range and this is our honest opinion of it.

Every parent knows that our job can be like a clown – juggling our way through the day. Nappy changes, feeding, play time, making and eating lunch or dinner and maybe getting some housework in. If you are lucky. I often wasn’t that lucky. That was until we started using the FreeRider Range Wraps. We have two of their comfortable, soft, silk like wraps and they get used every day.

The FreeRider wraps are perfect for when you have jobs to do, your lunch to make or also have a toddler to look after. You have both hands free. You can also cuddle your little one whilst playing with Mario toys. The toys your toddler had been begging to play for the half an hour before hand…

The wraps are ideal for those of us that love a good walk, but you don’t want to lug the pushchair around, up some steps you didn’t know were there, or through the mud that will almost certainly get all over the car.

Our Wild Leaf wrap is from the Tencel Range. It is longer and thinner, than some of the other ranges, so they are perfect for Daddy to wear too. The extra length gives that security of wrapping the usual way, but also the reassurance that they will still fit safely in the wrap as they grow.

Eli will only sleep, for more than a couple of minutes, if he is all cuddled up in the wrap. We recently found that if you pop his head inside the wrap he will fall asleep almost instantly – win!

Now he is getting bigger we’ve learnt that he can have his arms out. He can have a bit more freedom too. After all every baby needs to be nosy to take everything in and learn!

FreeRider also have two other ranges of wraps – the Classic Range and the Verve Range. We have the Poppy Blue wrap from the classic range too. The classic range has a bit more stretch and is slightly thicker and shorter. It’s my go to wrap in the house.

If you like the look of the wraps then you’ll probably like the swaddle blankets they have too. We have the wild leaf pattern blanket. It is lovely! It’s silky soft, light and wraps up into a tiny bag to keep it tidied away. I wish we’d had it to try and swaddle Eli when he was tiny.

The Customer Service at FreeRider Range is one of the best I’ve experienced. Scarlett is committed, caring and does such an amazing job. It makes you realise that when you buy from a small business, the people working there really do do a little happy dance.

Mummy Fox

* We bought the FreeRider Range Wrap ourselves and this is our honest opinion of it *

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