Go Ahead! The home of healthy snacks Review

Cereal bars and snacks are always on our shopping list. So when the new range of Go Ahead! snacks arrived at our house we were excited to give them a try!

Cereal bars and snacks for on the go are always on our shopping list. So when the new range of Go Ahead! snacks arrived at our house we were excited to give them a try!

Go Ahead snacks are designed to be healthy, tasty and convenient too. The items come in individual portion sizes and they are convenient for eating on the way to teaching or even in your pocket on your way out the door.

I was very impressed with the big box they came in and the selection. We were sent several flavours of the fruity bakes, crispy slices, yogurt breaks and cookie bites. We’ve had the Go Ahead! bars before and I was already a big fan of the crispy slices, so we had high expectations of their new range.

Fruity Bakes

I’ve got to say that these were my absolute favourite! The crisp biscuit bakes on the outside complimented the fruity goodness of the inside. They are rich in flavour, the perfect size and ever so yummy and filling. The absolute must for somebody like me who doesn’t have breakfast and needs something to go with her morning coffee at work. The fact that they are low in calorie in comparison to other snacks makes it even better.

Crispy Slices

The crispy slices were the ones we’d already had before our box of goodies arrived. But I’d never had the orange ones. They are delicious. Coming in a packet of three, they are just the right amount without feeling like you need more or you’ve had too much.

They are crispy and fruity with just the right amount of crunch. They are light and it doesn’t feel like you are having anything too naughty. Well, because there not!

I’d definitely recommend having these on a tea break!

Go Ahead! Cookie Bites

All parents will understand that when you have a toddler nothing is safe. That was true with the Go Ahead snacks. Alfie bagsied a packet of the white chocolate and raspberry cookie bites. I think the photos tell you all that you need to know. They were a winner!

The individual bag of cookie bites are the perfect size for a little one. He demolished them before I could take more than a handful of photos of him! He even said they were “Yummy in my tummy!”. They went down a treat and they are good enough for me to give to him as a little treat.

They are bite size cookies with either white chocolate and raspberry or chocolate and orange. Both combinations are great!

Go Ahead!… and buy them!

Overall we loved the Go Ahead! snacks. They are the perfect size for a snack that won’t spoil your next meal. The fun and the fruity flavours are full of yummy goodness. You really can’t go wrong with the strawberry fruity bakes and the apple crispy slices. Plus, they are low-calorie and very reasonably priced.

If you haven’t tried them then you ought too! Pick them up at the supermarket on your next shop and you won’t regret it. Supermarkets always have offers on and this range is more than worth it.

Have you tried the new Go Ahead! snack range? Which type is your favourite? Do you have a favourite flavour?

Mummy Fox xx

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