The Aqua Spectacular – My Bath Seat™ Review

It’s been a tough old week in the Fox household. We’ve been full of germs, we are all tired and all wishing that the sun would make a reappearance! However, as all parents will know, you’ve just got to keep the kids happy and keep smiling whatever the day, or week, throws at you!

One of our favourite things to do is just get out and get some fresh air. But at this time of year the wellies are needed and at least one of us is bound to come home covered in mud… usually Alfie! Although with Eli now on the move, he likes to grab everything he can get his hands on, so he’s just as bad.

That being said a bath is often needed, which is guaranteed to put a smile on all of our faces. There is a lot of splashing, but also a lot of laughter and what could be better than that?

Summer Infant have set us a challenged that we gladly accepted. We are a superhero family with a mission! Our mission, as the Aqua Spectular Fox Family, was to put the My Bath Seat through it’s paces. Given our love for bath time and our family superhero power being keeping the kids happy and smiling whatever the day throws at you, we definitely accomplished our mission. However the bathroom may have got soaked during the mission…

My Bath Seat™

The award-winning My Bath Seat™ provides a helping hand at bath time. It’s perfect for little ones transitioning to an adult tub. Eli has recently started to sit up and so we were in desperate need of something that kept him safe in the bath whilst also able to cause chaos with his big brother!

With its three sturdy arms for 360° of support, high back rest and spacious frame, Eli is kept securely in place. This frees up both hands to scrub and play. The Sure & Secure™ Suction Cups on each of the seat’s arms creates a stable and safe design and allows for easy set-up. It is set up in just a couple of minutes so you can make the most of splash time!

It gets the thumbs up from the aqua spectacular boys. Even Alfie wanted to give it a go!

The My Bath Seat™ Giveaway!

This giveaway has now CLOSED.

The Winner was Abi Jones.

Giveaway question: What would your families superhero power be?

The My Bath Seat™ giveaway is available to UK entrants only. The winner will be chosen at random on 15th October 2018.

Summer Infant are not only giving away a My Bath Seat™, they are giving all of my readers 20% off! You can grab yourself 20% off EVERYTHING at by entering the code ‘ SUPERHERO20 ‘.

Mummy Fox

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