Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club Breakfast

Worsley Marriott Breakfast - The omelettes and waffles are a must with this scrumptious breakfast. Everything you could dream of for breakfast right there!

I was recently asked if I’d like to visit the Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club for breakfast. Now, if you know me, or if you know my husband, you will know that we love food. So this was an offer I was not going to turn down.

Some of you will realise that Worsley is up North and we live in the Midlands. We are not crazy enough to travel two hours up the M6 just for breakfast. It doesn’t matter how good the food is. However, it was planned perfectly so that we could pop in when we were visiting my parents one weekend. Perfect!

Or so I thought. Unfortunately I got really poorly and I was admitted into Hospital on the Friday night. We were due to go to the Marriott on the Saturday. You can read all about that here.

Instead of cancelling our breakfast I thought I would offer the invitation to my mum and dad. Good old mum and dad to the rescue hey?! The only catch was that they had to be honest and take pictures. Yes of their food! Oh and enjoy themselves!

What to expect for breakfast

Breakfast at Worsley Park starts at 6.30am untill 11am on weekdays or 7am – 11am on weekends.

The award-winning breakfast at Worsley Park has a wide choice of cooked and cold options. You can choose anything or everything from the following;

  • Continental meats
  • Cheeses
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Yogurt
  • Muffins and Pastries
  • Cereals
  • Toasts
  • Hot Cooked Breakfasts (Eggs, Sausages, Bacon and all the trimmings)
  • Omelette
  • Waffles

Waffles should be on every breakfast…

One of the things my Mum could not stop talking about was the waffles. Normally when I think about waffles I think of chocolate and all that naughtiness that comes with it. However, when you put it with fresh fruit and yogurt it makes the perfect breakfast!

I mean come on, look how amazing they look? How could you say no to one of these?!

Fruit would not be my first choice for a breakfast, but you could definitely convince me with a waffle with it. My Mum said it was the best part of her breakfast!

The waffles were being made at the breakfast bar, fresh to order. The waffles are normally quite thick and a generous portion, but Mum had the last of that mixture so hers was slightly less than the normal portion.

Now, given that she is doing slimming world, and doing amazingly might I add, she didn’t mind it being less as it was less syns! However, I think my dad would’ve either asked for another one, or waited for the next batch.

The other things that you could have freshly made were the omelette and the poached eggs. With the omelette you could pretty much order whatever you wanted in it. My Dad went for the signature omelette, as it was recommended. It was delicious!

Perfect Breakfast after a hotel stay

When they were telling me about their visit to Worsley Park one of the things my parents said was how nice the breakfast restaurant was. It was perfect for outside guests to come in and sit by the window, like they did. As it was light and airy, you had a nice view to the seating area outside and plenty of space.

However, there was also an area inside the restaurant a little more that was a bit darker and would be better for guests who have stayed overnight, maybe at a function the night before, and were maybe feeling a little delicate. It was slightly darker, quieter and very cosy.


Overall my parents loved their breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club Breakfast. It was delicious, the omelettes and the waffles were notable pluses and they would definitely have breakfast there again.

The waiting staff and the chefs were polite, attentive and chatty. The plates on the tables were swiftly cleared and tea, coffee and juices were readily available. What more could you want?

Now, I think I may need an excuse to go and stay there so I can try it too!

If you are looking for places to stay in the area or if you are looking for somewhere to go for breakfast they would definitely recommend it. For those staying breakfast is £10 upon check in and for non residents its £16 for the buffet and £12 for continental. It definitely sounds worth it for what you can get.

Have you ever been? Let me know what you think!

Mummy Fox xx

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