Holidaying with a baby!

It’s hard work.

So much so I need a holiday after our holiday. You know, the kind of one where you laze by the pool with a drink in one hand and a book in the other.

Yeah right! Like that’s going to happen in the next 20 years!   The second week of our holiday (check out the first one here) was a week in St David’s on the Pembrokeshire coast, in a cottage with our friends Katy and Steve.

The cottage was lovely, but not very baby practical. We had a sky light in our room that meant as soon as it was light, Alfie woke up. Or as soon as it was bedtime, Alfie didn’t go to sleep as it was too light.  Sleep. Oh how little sleep I got last week. Alfie was so unsettled. He knew we weren’t at home, or at Nanna and Grandad’s or Nanny and Pop’s! He knew it was a new place and boy he did not like it. He woke at least three times every night bar one! Yawn!

Talking of things he didn’t like, he HATED the beach the first time we went on it. It was windy, cold, loud and just not very nice!

This was the five minutes he was happy!

This was daddy pushing Alfie to get him to stop screaming and go to sleep!

Whilst we were away we fit in quite a lot. Dan’s 23rd Birthday, lots of eating out, the beach again (twice – and Alfie liked it then!) Folly Farm, Tenby, lots of games, card, board and Wii U!   It was a nice week away, it’s just a shame Alfie was so unsettled. I think we’ll have to wait until he’s a bit older and then take him away for a week! A few days will be fine (I hope as we are off to Centreparcs with his grandparents and Uncle Fatty and Aunty Anna Bank Holiday weekend!) but a week and lots of travelling is pushing it!  You all know how travelling with Alfie goes from us travelling to Manchester and me ranting (See here!) So we are not planning another 5/6 hour journey again. Even if we did split it into two halves!

Now we are back at home Alfie is much better and we are back into our routine (ish) We are looking forward to enjoying this spring sunshine! What are your plans for the spring? Before we know it, it’ll be Summer!  

Daddy and Alfie love Slush Puppies!

Mummy Fox xx


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