Working Mum: Back to School

Working Mum: Back to School. As we both work in schools we have the School Holidays off. It's so hard to go 'Back to School'.

Back to School.

Dan and I both work in secondary schools. Dan is a Maths Teacher, crazy I know, and I work in a secondary school office. Two completely different jobs. One similarity. School holidays.

Amazing Holidays

We are lucky that we should both have the same school holidays, albeit for odd training days. We will both get half terms, Summer, Christmas and Easter Holidays off together. Alfie doesn’t go to his childminders in the school holidays so he gets to have the time off with us too.

We’ve just had the most amazing Summer holidays. It was filled with a Honeymoon to Disneyland Paris, a Camping trip to Cornwall, day trips out, mini breaks to Dunfield House and Peppa Pig World. We had so much fun!

Now it is back to reality, Alfie will get back into the routine at Paula’s, we will try to get back into the swing of things at work. It’s going to be a tough few weeks.

Alfie has been absolutely amazing this summer. He’s been fun, happy, fearless, cheeky, cuddly, kind. His speaking has come on so much. He can now say numerous words, talk in short sentences, ask for what he wants, tell us if he’s hurt and where.

He now knows most of his colours, lots of his shapes and some numbers (although he’s a typical toddler and is not a performing monkey!) He’s constantly learning and I have loved encouraging him, supporting him and learning with him.

I’m going to miss it, I’m going to miss him. It’s going to be hard. I didn’t want to go to work this morning. It was hard when I went back to work at my maternity leave. This was harder.

This morning Alfie cried real tears when we left him and so did Dan. I had to be strong. I missed him, my heart ached and I wanted to get Dan to turn the car around and go back to pick him up!

Amazing Little Boy

This summer has made me realise how much I love my little family. It’s made me realise how much Dan loves Alfie, which makes me love him more. It’s made me realise how much Alfie loves Dan, consequently making me love them both even more.

I think for the most part I’m okay with leaving Alfie. However, it’s just knowing the little milestones that I could miss. It’s those that makes me want to call in sick and stay at home with him.

When we picked up him tonight we were greeted with the most amazing smile and him running towards us. That will never get old. We will never get tired of him running to cuddle us. Who would?

It definitely makes the time we do spend with him more precious!

Do you work term time only? Did you find it hard going back to school after the summer holidays?

Mummy Fox xx

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