The Fox Boys – July 2018

The Fox Boys in July - The Siblings Project for the fifth month with the Boys. A post with pictures of what the two of them having been doing this month.

So here we are again with my Fox Boys July siblings post. You can have a read of June’s post here.

July. What happened to July?

Things the boys enjoyed in July

  • Lots of sunshine
  • The start of the Summer Holidays off together
  • Walks along the canal
  • Alfie helping Eli start his weaning journey
  • Taking Eli’s milestone photos with Alfie’s toys (Pop over to Instagram to have a look!)

July saw us blessed with some gorgeous weather. Weather which meant that my boys got to have a splash about in the paddling pool in the evenings.

I’m not sure that Eli loved the splashing that Alfie did, but he loved how happy he was! Eli always smiles when Alfie smiles, it’s infectious so you can’t not.

July also saw Eli move into his big boy car seat in Daddy’s car. Now he’s in the bigger seat, he can see Alfie next to him. Oh my goodness the smiles that Eli gives when Alfie talks to him and tells him stories are just gorgeous. They are definitely plotting against us in the back though…

As with last month we had a few extra Alfie days and as you can see below, they were happily sitting watching TV together! Well, for the thirty seconds that it lasted and before Alfie noticed his dinosaur was being attacked by a slobbery mouth and we nearly had a ‘Charlie bit my finger’ moment!

I think the dynamic may change over the summer as Alfie will spend a lot more time with Eli…

Mummy Fox

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