Doctor’s Diagnosis one, two, three, four and a Hospital admission

Doctor's Diagnosis. I've had lots of those over the last couple of weeks. Each one different. What is going on with me and why can't I get better?

“You’re poorly mummy. My make you better. I’m a Doctor!” I wish Alfie could have given me a doctor’s diagnosis and made me better!

Alfie got a toy ambulance and doctor’s kit for his birthday. He’s used it a lot over the last few weeks and I’m the reason why. I’m not a pushy parent and I’m definitely not making him play with it. I’ve not been very well and he wanted to be like the doctors and make me better.

Doctor’s Diagnosis #1

I recently went to Disneyland Paris with school on a trip. It was freezing cold and after having no sleep it was unsurprising I caught a cold. Unfortunately it went downhill from there…

The first diagnosis was a week later when I went to the doctors feeling like death warmed up. I had all of the following symptoms;

  • Headache
  • Shivering
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sore throat
  • Aching everywhere
  • Stuffy nose
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling sick

They told me that I had flu and that I needed to rest, have lots of fluids and stay indoors. I don’t think I moved far from the sofa or my bed for the next few days. However I started to feel worse, not better. I was struggling to swallow and my throat was extremely sore.

Doctor’s Diagnosis #2

I’m not one to take myself to the doctors very often, so I must have felt bad to go back just a few days later. However, I felt better when the doctor told me I had a pretty bad case of tonsillitis and prescribed me some antibiotics and lots of fluid and rest. At least there was something wrong and I wasn’t making a big deal out of nothing.

If you’ve had tonsillitis before you’ll know that it takes a few days before the antibiotics kick in. Therefore taking a few days before you start to feel better. Five days passed and I felt WORSE.


How could I feel worse when I was on antibiotics?

Doctor’s Diagnosis #3

After a horrendous week, and one particularly bad night and morning, I had to ring 111 for some advice on what to do. They said get an emergency appointment with my GP within two hours, or go to A&E. Dan managed to get me an emergency appointment and even took me to it.

As I was sitting in the Doctor’s car park I noticed that my eyes were looking a little yellow. It wasn’t something I’d noticed before, but I’d been avoiding looking at myself in the mirror whilst looking so poorly. Therefore I didn’t know how long they’d been like that.

I mentioned to my doctor that I thought they were a little off and he immediately sent me for blood tests at the hospital, but didn’t say much about it. The results were due to be back on the Friday afternoon. What he did say was he thought I most likely had Glandular Fever and I could feel like this for weeks, if not months.

How could I be a poorly mummy for weeks, maybe even months?! How was that possible?

I wouldn’t normally include photos of myself, especially such bad ones. But these don’t even show the half of how bad I looked when I was first poorly!

Doctor’s Diagnosis #4

I managed another evening and day at home before I couldn’t take the pain any more. Even though I was taking painkillers as often as possible, I wasn’t eating and I was hardly drinking. I had no energy, I was feverish, I was lethargic and I needed some help. I was a really poorly and I had to go to A&E

With it being a Friday evening we went to A&E expecting it to be heaving and a very long wait. I hardly waited at all before I saw the triage nurse.

It was a male nurse that was very reassuring, asked lots of questions and then wanted to check the blood tests I’d had done the previous day.

After not very long I was called back in, where they told me that they needed to do the blood tests again and that they’d be putting in a cannula so they could give me fluids.

It was then that I realised I probably wasn’t going home that night…

Doctor’s are not very good at telling you what is going on when you are in hospital. I had the cannula put in, bloods taken, painkillers, antibiotics and then put on a drip and left in a room in A&E.

It is quite scary when you are lay there with no idea what is happening or what is wrong with you. After what seemed like a lifetime, but was probably only an hour or so a Doctor came to fill us in. The tests showed that I did have Glandular Fever. However the blood tests for my liver were ‘deranged’ and they were admitting me so they could get my pain under control and do some more tests.

Doctor’s Diagnosis #5 and what happened in Hospital in the next blog post…

Mummy Fox xx

Best of Worst

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