Three months! That’s how old Alfie is now. Well the lovely teething started two or three weeks ago! How cruel!

My poor baby has spent some days being happy and some days screaming in pain.
We seemed to have tried everything; bonjela, Ashton & Parsons, Calpol, Neurofen, Anbesol, teething toys, iced dummy’s… Literally everything!

So I took to Facebook to ask my friends and fellow parents what worked best for their littles ones. Lots of notifications later we found that we’d tried most of the ideas! Humph!

Then one of my friends posted a photo of her little boy with an ice lolly… I know what you’re thinking, “an ice lolly for a baby is she mad?!” Well no she’s not, it’s a breast milk ice lolly and definitely something I’m going to I’ve a try…

I’ll let you all know how it goes.

In the mean time if you have any ideas I’ve not tried, throw them my way!



Mummy Fox xx

0 thoughts on “Arghhhhh… The dreaded teething!”

  1. Thanks lovelys! Chomping on his hand is Alfie’s favourite past time! We had a lovely trip to the docs last night and have a viral infection to fight off at the same time as teething so one unhappy baby! xx

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