The Me and Mine Project – July 2018

July 2018's Me and Mine Project from the Fox Family. An insight into the month we have had and some family photos that have been captured.

July 2018’s me and mine photos were taken in our back garden with the camera propped up against the lawn mower box on the high chair! I think we need to invest in a tripod. We were on our way to some friends Wedding reception and looked nearly presentable!

Again Eli doesn’t look hugely impressed with our efforts…

This month Amy’s loving:

  • Fitting in size 12 clothes again!
  • Losing 2 stone doing Slimming World
  • Us all sitting at the dining table together
  • Unexpected time with family in Manchester

This month Dan’s loving:

  • Spending time with work friends at the staff BBQ
  • Having finished marking exam papers
  • Breaking up for the Summer Holidays

This month Alfie’s loving:

  • Spending more time with Mummy, Daddy and Eli in the holidays
  • Jumping in and splashing at Swimming Lessons
  • Staying in a hotel in Manchester
  • Feeding Eli his first foods

This month Eli’s loving:

  • Feeling better after having tonsillitis
  • Bouncing in the Jumperoo
  • Trying food for the first time

August is going to be a month of us going here, there and everywhere. We have a holiday booked, days out and lots of jobs on our to do list!

It seems like we have a habit of making sure we have a crazy faced photo in our monthly me and mine posts. It may have something to do with the fact that’s how we bribe Alfie to smile in a few first…

Mummy Fox

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