28 weeks

I decided this week that I’m going to start doing a weekly blog update on Alfie. He is growing up so fast and learning new things all the time, so a weekly update will let everybody know how he’s doing!

A couple of cute photos from the week will be included too!

The last Alfie update was his 25 weeks, 6 months update. Since then he’s learnt to roll!!

Front to back. Back to front. Front to back to front to back. Rolling over and over and over.

In an evening too.

We went to youth group Monday evening and came home and he could roll (well done Aunty Tara for encouraging him!)

Unfortunately that means he gets himself into all sorts of places and positions…

His favourite being pulling up his play mat, getting stuck and eating it!

Fatty bum

You all know Alfie was a fatty when he was born (10lb 5oz) well he dropped down to the 75th percentile after a few weeks, we’ve now nearly hit the 91st again! We had him weighed on Wednesday and he weighed in at 19lb 15oz, so just shy of 20lb! TWENTY POUNDS!!

Clearly he is loving breastfeeding and food together.

Talking of Alfie eating food, he is eating much the same food, we are desperate for some new foods or meals for him to try. So if you have any suggestions send them my way!

Sitting up

Alfie is getting more confident in sitting up. He is sitting for longer and even trying to get grab toys from around him and not falling over. He’s not quite at the stage where he can sit on his own, but I’m sure it won’t be long.   Look mummy I’m sitting up in your bed!

  Oh wait I’m feeling a bit wobbly…
Ahh damn. I fell over!


For those of you I speak to regularly you will know that we’ve struggled massively with sleep recently. Alfie went through a stage of being up five or more times a night. It was exhausting!

But, fingers crossed, touch wood, everything and anything, he has settled down a bit and is sleeping through or waking just once. We are both happier with more sleep and we have much better days after a good nights sleep!

Alfie’s evening out

We’ve been busy bees the last couple of weeks, mummy and baby meets, a night out and a trip to nannys house! Lots of things for Alfie to take in and learn from and lots of exhausting days for mummy!

Keep an eye out for a separate blog post on ‘The importance of Mummy Friends’ where I’ll tell you all about the adventures of mine and Alfie’s mummy and baby meets!

Finally, I would just like to say a big thank you to Wayne, Emma, Lewis and Charlotte for looking after Alfie on Wednesday evening for me and Dan to go to the cinema and have a date night. Alfie had a great time and it sounds like he was a very well behaved little boy! It’s just a shame that he didn’t feed very well for me and we had to cut our evening short so I could get him to feed on me or express! You breastfeeding mummies will understand…

I wonder what this week is going to bring..

Mummy Fox xx

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