Next sale madness!

It used to be tradition in the Seddon/Worthington household that we’d do the Next Boxing Day Sale. We’d get up at silly o’clock and go crazy sale shopping being pushed around and standing in ridiculous queues, followed by a McDonald’s breakfast and an early morning nap. Or sometimes another next if we have totally lost our minds…

I don’t currently drive and Dan refuses to take me at 5am (rightly so I do admit!) but with my mum around this weekend we decided we’d head to the Nuneaton Next store and see what bargains we could grab.

I nearly had a heart attack. It was empty, well a handful of people, staff were asking if we needed help and everything was organised! 

Alfie’s now got a full wardrobe of 2-3 things, I’ve got some bits and we grabbed some gorgeous cushions, including some that matched the rug, for our bay window seat… Bonus!

Here are some bits you’ll see photos of Alfie in;


Even the table cloth is next!

All of his clothes are 2-3 and have good growing room for the little chunky monkey! We also got him a snow suit and a couple of adorable coats that he’ll love! Keep an eye out on my Instagram for more photos!

Did you get any bargains? Share what you’ve got…

Mummy Fox xx

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