Welcome to the world Baby Fox

Introducing to the world Baby Fox. Baby Fox is the second baby boy in our Fox family and we are so excited for the adventures of being a family of four.

Daniel, Alfie and I are thrilled to announce to the world the arrival of Baby Fox!

Eli Charlie Fox

Eli Charlie Fox made his entrance into the world, two weeks early, on Tuesday 13th February at 12.45pm. Weighing a healthy 8lb 4oz, Eli is the missing piece to our puzzle.

We are now starting to adjust as a family of four and cannot wait to see what adventures we can have with this little one joining us.

I’m sure that Alfie is already plotting and planning what trouble the two of them can get up to together.

Here’s hoping that the newborn stage is filled with cuddles, kisses, coffee and naps!

Welcome to the world Eli.

Mummy Fox xx

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