Mummy Fox is going on a new adventure…

Mummy Fox is going on a new adventure. What is that new adventure going to be? 2017 has not started off well and things could only get better!

I’m going on a new adventure. An adventure that has been a long time coming. 18 months ago I made a similar decision to the decision I made just last week.

2017 has not been the year we have wanted. 2017 has not been the adventure we wanted. But it will get better, and we will go on a new adventure. I’m going to make sure of that.

New Adventure

I have a NEW JOB!

Sorry to disappoint those of you who were thinking this was going to be a pregnancy announcement. At least this will keep you quiet for a little while!

I’ve recently accepted a job at a new school. It’s closer to home, I’ll walk to work and it seems a perfect fit for me, and what I wanted to move on to.

I’ll still have the same school holidays as Dan, and eventually Alfie. I’ll be healthier and fitter as I will walk to and from work each day. I will be, and already am, happier in myself.

I’ll get to walk with lovely views like this everyday! Please don’t mention rain, cold or snow, I’d like to stay deluded that the sun will shine all the time whilst I’m walking!

Health and Happiness

Leaving a job is hard. However, your health and happiness need to be the priority. If one of those is suffering, it’s not worth it. No amount of money could, or should, jeopardise that.

Now is not really the time or the place to talk about what happened in the build up to me handing in my notice. However, a lot of you will have read, or will know, about me recently having Glandular Fever. I was really poorly and all I needed was some support to help me get back to 100% fighting fit. Unfortunately this didn’t happen the way it should have.

What I did know was that the feeling of relief, when I’d found something else, was overwhelming. I didn’t expect it.

After a quick visit to my new job I came out knowing I’d made the best decision. I knew that this was the right thing to do. The right thing for myself, my health and for my family.

Somebody asked recently how I would know if it was the right decision.

You just know.

There was a feeling I had, in the pit of my stomach, that made me feel anxious every single day. I don’t have that any more. I genuinely feel relieved. You will just know that it’s right.


Of course there are things and people I will miss about my old job. But there are definitely things I won’t miss.

Always do what makes you happy. Your happiness and your health go hand in hand.

Cheers! To my new job and our new adventure! I know I’m going to love it.

Mummy Fox xx

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