Sleep is for the weak!


The one thing every parent talks about and every parent gets asked about. 

“Is he sleeping through yet? My little one…” Is normally how that sentence starts and I get told something along the lines of how perfect their baby is and how they sleep 7-7 and it’s great.

Well good for you!

I’m tired. Right now, 1.37am, I would probably go as far to say I’m exhausted!

We used to answer that is he sleeping through question with yes, touch wood. That touching wood did not work!!

From around two months Alfie slept through and woke around 5-7am. It was great, but I didn’t brag, as nothing is predictable with babies and I’m glad I didn’t. Because now he wakes at least once a night.

I’m in a group on Facebook that are all local mums. It’s a lovely little group, lots of advice, photos and group meets. There are a good few babies around Alfie’s age and it seems that most of them want to be little monkeys and not sleep too, at the moment. 

I’m I find it quite interesting that it’s at that age that they are doing it. They must be going through some developmental stage that is making them all need to wake in the night. Granted some of the babies are worse than others, some like to have a rave at this time in the morning, but they are all going through similar stages.

It’s really helpful. It’s helpful to know you’re not alone, that there is probably someone awake to keep you company and that you know you can get through this stage! Or at least when you go to a meet with horrendous bags under your eyes, they feel your pain too.

Well here’s to it ending! I love sleep and I want it back!

Alfie has just gone back down, who knows how long for. I would love to say until 7am, but that’s unlikely.

If none of this makes sense, I’m sure all of you will forgive the sleep deprived rambling mummy that I am!

Baby walking back up already… Give me strength! (And sleep!)

Mummy Fox xx

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