Breastfeeding: When do you stop?

After a rough start with breastfeeding I never thought we’d be where we are now. 19 months down the line and Alfie is still a “Booby Monster!”. I think if he had the option he’d be breastfed for the rest of his life… Okay so maybe I am exaggerating a little bit!

We’ve fed through the toughest first few days, milk coming in, we’ve fed through colds, not being able to breathe through his nose and feed, sleepless nights, hours away, the pain of full boobs, wanting some time away with Dan, going back to work, wanting a night out to drink, a hen do, a honeymoon, the list goes on and on. I’ve got to the point of stopping multiple times.

When is the best time to stop?

Is there a best time to stop?

Maybe when they start weaning and they have food or maybe when they turn one and they can have cows milk?

I don’t think there is a best time. Breastfeeding is such a personal journey between you and your baby. Me and Alfie have such an incredible bond and I feel like breastfeeding has enhanced that. He is not a cuddly baby but I always knew that I’d get a cuddle when he’d have a feed. I always knew that if he was hurt or needed comforting that I could feed him and do exactly that. And on more than one occasion I’ve fed him to keep him quiet! Don’t you breastfeeding mummies look at me like that I know you’ll have done it and if not you’d definitely have thought about it!!


I feel like our feeding journey is coming to an end. Alfie doesn’t need to be fed anymore. We have a much better night time routine and he can self soothe to sleep, so he no longer feeds to sleep. If he wakes in the night and I’m there he’ll want “booby” (his words!) and if he hurts himself or he’s really tired he’ll ask for it.

It’s been two nights and no feeding now. Is this the end? Do I want it to be over? Only Alfie will let me know that.

If it is then I’m so glad that I powered through the first few weeks and we’ve got to this age. It has been the most special time I’ve spent with that cutie pie. It’s reassured me when he’s been in hospital poorly and not eating. It’s made me smile as he held on and fell to sleep with milk round his mouth and a little milk drunk smile. It’s been the best I could offer him. It’s been a hell of a lot cheaper too!

If you are considering breastfeeding I’m not going to push it and say Breast is best, only you know what is best for your baby, but if you try you never know it may be some of the best times with your little one. It definitely was with mine.

Mummy Fox xx

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