The Me and Mine Project – May 2018

May 2018's Me and Mine Project from the Fox Family. An insight into the month we have had and some family photos that have been captured.

Erm hello May, can you come back please? I don’t think you arrived in 2018…

We had some really nice weather in May didn’t we? I love that the first Bank Holiday was a glorious one. We spent the weekend with Dan’s family in Bridlington. Eli had his first trip to the beach and Alfie paddled in the sea. It’s also where this month’s me and mine photos were taken. We would love to go back as the property we stayed at was stunning, but it is a bit of a trek from the Midlands!

May saw Eli turn 3 months old and Alfie fall in love with the Wii U just like his daddy. I got to meet a few fellow bloggers and some amazing brands at the Baby Show in Birmingham and Dan finally took some photos of me and the boys that I like!

This month Amy’s loving:

  • The new Range Cooker
  • Two full nights sleep (7 hours!)
  • Starting Slimming World and getting ‘Slimmer of the month’
  • Going to the Baby Show in Birmingham

This month Dan’s loving:

  • Playing on the Wii U with Alfie
  • Amy’s roast dinner
  • Wearing Eli in the new sling
  • Meeting up with old friends

This month Alfie’s loving:

  • Tiny tubing and tiny sledging at the Snow Dome
  • Writing his own name
  • Starting swimming lessons
  • Water fights and eating dinner in the garden

This month Eli’s loving:

  • His first trip to the beach
  • His new sling
  • Being doted on at the Baby Show
  • Walks in the sunshine with mummy

June is going to be a busy month for us where Dan will be busy with his exam classes at work. Whilst I’ll be trying to sort out what I will do about returning to work. It’s definitely a time to be focusing on the positives. Like the three gorgeous boys that I have! Just look at them…

Mummy Fox

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