Eli at Three Months Old

Eli is three months old. Sharing an update on what he weighs, what he likes and any milestones he has hit in this third month.

Eli turned three months old on Sunday 13th May and this is his three month update.

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At 2 months Eli weighed 12lb 10oz. Now, at 3 months, he weighs 14lb 13oz! I said last month I wasn’t surprised, but he is a feeding monster at the moment. He’s very quickly catching up with what Alfie was at this age. In fact there is only a couple of ounces in it and Alfie was a whole 2lb heavier born!


Eli is well and truly in size 3-6 month now. You can tell which clothes are hand me downs from Alfie as they fit a hell of a lot better. I can only guess that’s because they’ll have been washed a lot more. They’ve probably been tumble dried at some point too. Some clothes still bury him though!

We’ve had to buy him a couple of summer outfits because of the unseasonally nice weather we’ve had. It seems silly to buy lots of summer clothes in 3-6 months when he’s unlikely to be in them very long. So we’ve only bought a couple of cute things.

Day and Night Time

Nap time. What is that? Eli only seems to like to sleep in the day if we are outside. It doesn’t matter whether he is in the sling or in the pushchair, but he’d much rather sleep outside.

I don’t mind that too much as I’m getting some fresh air and exercise, but it’s not helping my to do list.

I also don’t mind rubbish naps in the day because he is sleeping SO much better at night. He is getting into a nice routine of going to bed around 9pm and then only waking once, sometimes twice, in the night. It is generally after 2am too, so I feel like I’m getting a good chunk of sleep.

We did have an enormous 7.5 hour sleep the other night and that felt AMAZING.

Play Time

There isn’t a huge change from last month, apart from Eli is now trying to hit the toys on his play mat.

He is still enjoying bath time and his favourite thing is people watching.

Milestones and ‘Firsts’

The first few months are always full of milestones. Eli has had lots of firsts:

  • First trip to the beach
  • First trip to a theme park
  • First time on a ride (Carousel)
  • First time on a swing (laying down on mummy!)
  • First time in the new position in the sling

So lots of firsts now he’s three months old!

Mummy Fox loves

I’m loving having a bit more sleep, having lots of smiles and cuddles and getting out of the house for walks in the sunshine.

If you haven’t seen Eli’s two month update you can have a look at that here.

Mummy Fox xx

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