Growth scans, contractions and c – sections… Pt1 


Labour ward

Baby Fox decided he’d be a monkey. I had lots of reduced movements, lots of trips to triage and if it was late at night, the labour ward.

Now that was scary! It’s one thing watching One Born Every Minute, but actually being on the labour ward is a completely different kettle of fish! I think that is when reality kicked in that we were having a baby, and that I had to deliver said baby…

Huge baby 

So, after the fluid had reduced, Baby Fox got BIG! And by big, I mean HUGE! He decided that he’d having enough of swimming and wanted a growth spurt and took up all of the space of the extra fluid! At 33 the sonographer told me that she estimated his weight to be just over 7lbs… Yes, you read that correctly.

S E V E N pounds.


How creepy does he look in this scan photo?! Seven pounds here – it is all in those chubby cheeks!

So after coming to terms to the fact that I was going to have a Dan sized baby (he’s big and 6″3!) I was quite happily plodding along and getting bigger as the minutes passed, then I started having contractions… At 35 weeks!

More madness to tell you in the next part!

Mummy Fox


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