Growth scans, contractions and c – sections pt2

So I’m linking up with today and continuing my story of my third trimester!

My last blog ended with me having contractions at 35 weeks!

I’d be doing some housework and I had to sit down because I was having what I thought would be more Braxton hicks. Since 25 weeks I’d had  lots of Braxton hicks, they didn’t hurt but my belly went very tight, so I knew when that happened but it hurt that it’d be the start of something happening and they’d be contractions, however I wasn’t expecting it to be at 35 weeks. Baby Fox was definitely big enough to come early but his lungs wouldn’t be fully developed and there still may have been some complications.

After an hour of having contractions that were fairly painful, regular and lasting just over a minute, I rang MAU (maternity assessment unit) they told me to come straight in… And bring my hospital bag!

That’s what scared me. They didn’t think it would be like other times I’ve been to MAU, this time they thought I’d be staying in!

Dan was at school working, so our friend Wayne took me to the hospital and I was put on the monitor to listen to Baby Fox.

The monitorings showed that I was having contractions and quite strong ones at that! After being examined, I wasn’t dilating and Baby Fox wasn’t engaged, so they weren’t sure why, but they were sure that I was not going home until they found out why!

So a stay in the hospital for me!

Whilst being monitored I trying getting hold of Dan… No answer as he was teaching. I asked my best friend Katy to ring the school to let them know I was in hospital and Dan needed to come straight away. The message Dan got was “Amy is in labour, come now!” Luckily I got hold of him before he left to tell him I wasn’t in labour so he didn’t have to panic but he did have to come and support me!!

Drama, Drama, Drama!

Even MORE in the next part…

Mummy Fox xx

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