Mr and Mrs Fox: The Church Wedding!

Another in the Mr and Mrs Fox series all about our lovely church wedding! Are you looking to have a church wedding and want to know about it?

Carrying on my Mr and Mrs Fox Wedding blogs, we’ve now got to the Church Wedding part!

After my mini panic of Dan seeing me before I’d got into Church, I was ready to go into church. Seeing this gorgeous little one at the door definitely helped pick me back up again. Whilst all I wanted was a big cuddle… but not with a possibly snotty child in a gorgeous wedding dress!

Church Wedding

Our Church Wedding service was at the Community of Christ Church that Dan grew up in, in Clay Cross, Chesterfield. It has a big church room and a smaller school room next to it. The school room is where we went when we first arrived, had a chat with the registrar. It was also where I had last minute preps and where we waited ready to walk down the aisle. The church itself has a L-shaped aisle, where I could walk along the back of the congregation before walking down the aisle itself.

The song that played as we all walked down the aisle was “A Thousand Years” by The Piano Guys, you may know it by Christina Perri! It’s a gorgeous son, YouTube it! At the rehearsal we practiced walking down the aisle, as you do, and realised it’s actually quite a long song, which is good for a long aisle and not running down it. We had a tendency to walk rather fast down the aisle when we rehearsed…

How gorgeous does Alfie, my Bridesmaids and Flower Girl look walking down the aisle? I love the photo of my sister (top right) walking down the aisle. You can see my Dad in the corner of the photo, and the proud smile he has on his face. They were all so helpful and looked so pretty.

I don’t remember being nervous, I just wanted to see Dan and give him a big cuddle. However, I did start to get very impatient waiting for the girls to walk down but it was really nice standing at the door and seeing all the kids sat at the back, and some friendly faces grinning at me from the congregation!

They all look really interested in waiting for the bride!

Proud Dad

I know my Dad, who isn’t one for showing his emotions, was so proud to walk me down the aisle to marry Dan. I’m so glad that he did. It was really nice having him around at Swancar getting ready. Whilst in the car entertaining Faye too. Thanks Dad, we love you!


You can see if that bottom right photo above that Dan is wiping his eyes, he cried as I walked down the aisle! He cried in the rehearsal and I had jeans and a jumper on, so I wasn’t surprised. He is a very emotional person, it is one of the reasons I love him though.

Our Church Wedding Ceremony was done by Richard Holmes, a friend from Church. His wife, Pauline, did the actual legal wedding bit and blessing. It was such a joy to spend time with them in preparation before the wedding. They are funny, caring, supportive and love the both of us, so they were the perfect choice. Well, they were until Richard started telling stories about me and Dan that we didn’t want everyone to know. If you want to know I’m sure he’d fill everyone in. Thanks Rich!

The service was so lovely, it was funny, emotional, romantic, full of laughter and singing. It was just how we’d imagined it. We even had the ‘Guess how much I love you’ book read out. Richard and Pauline did a fantastic job.

Getting the ring on!

It’s a shame that I can’t say the same with Dan and him getting the ring on my finger! I think my face says it all on this one! I have a feeling if we’d have all of the photos that didn’t make the cut, there would be a lot of me pulling faces…

Once he finally got the ring on the finger, I had to oblige in ‘the kiss’. Dan had asked Pauline in the rehearsal how does he kiss me? I don’t think I’d helped matters by moving away from him when he did want to kiss me! You’d have thought we wanted to marry each other right?!

And then that was it, we were married, without a hitch, with all of our family and friends. We just had to sign our lives away in front of our witnesses and have a blessing and we were officially married. It was such a lovely service and it was over so fast, that I’d happily do it all again. With Dan, obviously!

We danced out of the ceremony to The Piano Guys doing One Direction’s “What makes you beautiful” and then had a few quick photos outside before jumping in the car to go to Swancar. We were quite tight on time and Swancar is a much nicer venue for photographs!

Thank you!

I would just like to say a big thank you to our friends that became our wedding band. T Wayne and Emma for being our witnesses. Also to everybody that helped set church up ready for our special day, you are all amazing.

The next Mr and Mrs Fox will be an insight to the stunning Swancar Farm reception!

Mummy Fox xx

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