Eli at Seven Months Old

Eli is seven months old. Sharing an update on what he weighs, what he likes and any milestones he has hit in this seventh month.

On Thursday Eli turned seven months old! This is his seven month update.


After six months they recommend you get them weighed every 2 months instead of every month, so we’ll know in his eight month update what he weighs!


We are in 9-12 month clothes now, he’s even had some ‘big boy’ PJs on recently which make him look so much bigger than he is. We’ve spent so long keeping him in rompers and sleep suits that clothes make him look so big.

Day and Night Time

Sleep has marginally improved. He will generally wake three times a night now, which I can handle, purely as I’m so used to it!

We are in a slight routine in the day. His morning naps are generally at the same time and for an hour or so, and he likes to time his late afternoon nap with tea time… obviously!


As I type this we’ve had a day of squealing from Eli because his teeth are cutting… finally!

Come on teeth!

Play Time

Play time as been an interesting one this month. As it’s been the summer holidays we have been here, there and everywhere! So Eli’s not had the toys he normally would have at home. He has had the beach, Folly Farm and friends and family to entertain him instead though!


We are well and truly into Eli’s weaning journey now he is seven months old. He will try absolutely everything you put on his tray in front of him. He is also really good at eating things off a spoon, but he does like to try and grab it to do it himself. I’ve got to say that more goes on his hands than in his mouth when he does.

His favourite foods are rice cakes, carrots and Yorkshire Puddings!

Milestones and ‘Firsts’

The first few months are always full of milestones. Eli has had lots of firsts:

  • First trip to Folly Farm
  • First trip to the Pembrokeshire Coast
  • A taste of Joe’s Ice Cream

Mummy Fox loves

Now Eli is seven months old I’m loving that he can sit up, play a bit more independently and sit with us at the table at dinner time.

If you haven’t seen Eli’s six month update you can have a look at that here.

Mummy Fox

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