Hidden Gems and Hidden Drives*

Warwickshire is full of hidden gems and hidden drives with stunning views and things to do. We love driving along the A444 and visiting Kingsbury Water Park

When I first moved to the Midlands I had no idea what was around or any places to go. Now Dan and I are always looking for an adventure and we know the Midlands are full of hidden gems! I was asked by chill.ie insurance to share with you all our hidden gems and hidden drives in my local area.

Hidden Gems

Kingsbury Water Park

Kingsbury Water Park is one that you may not have heard of. It’s a country park and has several lakes and parks. It is perfect for a sunny day.

There are several activities as you walk around for the kids to do, ropes for kids to climb and then you definitely have to stop for an ice cream. Best of all it’s free, you just need to pay for the car park and make sure you remember the picnic!

Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey is a proper little gem. With its acres of land, perfect for picnics. It’s parks, perfect for playing and it’s duck ponds perfect for feeding the ducks. It has everything you could want for a family day out.

There is even a coffee shop and the Abbey does Afternoon Tea that looks delightful! It’s on my to-do list that’s for sure.

Malt Kiln Farm

Malt Kiln Farm is another little gem. Unfortunately they had a fire that destroyed a lot, but they are rebuilding and look to be better than ever. We’ve been both strawberry picking and pumpkin picking and it’s such good food.

If anyone is like me and loves a good farm shop (HELLO Gloucester services!!!) then you will love their farm shop too. Great quality, home-grown and amazing… What are you waiting for?!

Hidden Drives

We often drive north to see Dan’s parents near Chesterfield. The A444 that winds from Nuneaton towards the north is such a lovely drive. Windy roads, open countryside, sunshine (hopefully!) what more could you want? It definitely makes up for the boring motorways that’s for sure.

However, we are conscious that we need to make sure that we are safe and protected whilst driving. Chill Insurance offer some great deals on car insurance so head on over and have a look what they can do for you.

Why not share your local hidden gems or hidden drives by using the hash tag #HiddenGems or #HiddenDrives so I can have a nosy. I’ll be sharing mine with them too!

Mummy Fox xx

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