House to Home: Next Home Wishlist for our bedroom

In my House to Home series I share my Next Home wish list for our bedroom. Will I get what I want for our bedroom or will it stay a disaster?

Our bedroom is, putting it nicely, not decorated the way we would like. Also known as flipping awful! As you can see from the picture below the whole room is papered with a black wallpaper with red flowers and silver leaves/stems on it. This photo is from before we moved in, so it no longer has that furniture in it.

It is a MASSIVE room and has so much potential! You could fit two King size beds in our room and still have space for some drawers and a wardrobe. We currently have a Double bed and a sofa bed in our bedroom and have plenty of empty space.

We have some paint to decorate our bedroom already, but nothing else to go with it. It’s such a big room that it needs a feature wall and some lovely accessories to go up on the wall, on the drawers etc.

I just need to pull my finger out and get what I want.

Next Home Love

I’ve got a massive crush on Next Home. I can’t help it, I love it! I could decorate every room in the house with all sorts of things from Next. One of my favourite things is my duck egg blue rug in the lounge. It’s soft, it’s fluffy and its gorgeous!

So here’s my Next Home wishlist for our bedroom;

Next Textured Geo Wallpaper – £15 a roll2 Pack Retro Floral Grey Bed Set – £42 for a Double Duvet SetNext Charcoal Cotton Blackout Eyelet Curtains – £40 to £75 dependent on size Teal Super Soft Fleece Throw – £15Colour Sputnik Clock – £38

I’m hoping that my lovely husband sees this post and I can get the gorgeous Next Home items that will help make our bedroom look lovely!

I’ll let you see the finished room product once the room is all done. We are hoping to have it done by October half term, but with the likelihood of us needing to have the bathroom ripped out and new floorboards put in, it is seeming more like it’ll be Christmas!

The joys of owning our own house… At least we can decorate how we want!

Have a look at Next Home for some of their stunning home pieces.

What would you pick for in your house? Something that I have or something completely different? I’m liking blues and greys at the moment, they are very on trend.

Mummy Fox xx

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