Sleep is one of my favourite things. If it isn’t one of yours, then quite frankly what is wrong with you? I LOVE it!

So, anybody with the key to helping me have a better nights sleep, or someone with some top tips for getting more, is a saint in my eyes.



Toddler Sleep

Any parent with kids will know that it is a much talk about subject. It either goes one way or another… You either get it or you don’t!

Alfie’s sleeping patterns vary massively. We either get a good night or a bad night. There doesn’t seem to be an in between. However, when he has a good night we typically have a good night too.

There are lots of things you can get to help a toddler go to bed at night, and, most importantly, stay in bed at night! Sleeping bags and clocks that tell them to stay in bed are two that I think every parent should try. Black out blinds or curtains are definitely going to help in the summer nights too.

What tips have you got for a good nights sleep with a toddler?


Top Tips

If you are spending 25 years (really?!) of your life in a bed sleeping, then you really need to be doing it right. Here are some tips for getting a good nights sleep:

  • Pick a bedtime and try to stick to it
  • Make sure you are comfortable
  • Don’t go to bed hungry
  • Have enough pillows
  • Buy a comfortable mattress
  • Keep the bedroom dark
  • Have a nap if you are tired
  • Kill your husband if he wakes you up snoring!
  • NEVER wake a sleeping baby!!!!


I watched this Adjustamatic video recently and it really made me question the way I sleep.

How many pillows do you sleep with? I sleep with 2 like it suggests in the video. But that’s the only thing I do right when it comes to how they suggest they sleep. I’d never thought about positioning and what it does to your body, whilst you sleep, before now.

Are you a #SleepExpert? Do you do what they suggest in the video? I could definitely do with taking on some tips for a better nights sleep that’s for sure. It may even help cut down on my caffeine intake!

A new mattress that helps us sleep and helps my back is definitely on my Christmas list this year…

Mummy Fox xx

*This is a collaborative post

9 thoughts on “Top tips for sleep! #SleepExperts *”

  1. Have you considered Cranial osteopath, it can be very useful to calm children and help them sleep better , especially if they have had a traumatic birth .

    Totally agree on grow clocks, they are fabulous every toddler needs on

  2. Some great tips, I love the one about killing your husband! I do not have to worry about that, its my little toddler that snores from time to time lol!

  3. Oh man what a great post.
    My alarm clock is my *nearly* three year old, its really doing me in haha!

    Lately he’s been struggling with pooping so sleep has been a little restless & very early rising.
    I should really try & get to bed haha!

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips, you´ve got some good ones here! I can´t fall asleep if I´m hungry. It´s kind of dilemma because I know I shouldn´t sleep immediately after eating as well. So often when I canät fall asleep I just go and eat something and then when I try to go to sleep again I succeed.

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