Baby Led Weaning

Alfie was 10lb 5oz born. Also known as massive! Everybody said from early on that he’d be wanting food early.

We tried him at 4 months, he wasn’t ready.

It’s only been the last few weeks (just over 5 months) that he’s been showing signs that he’s ready to be weaned.

The Baby Centre has this list of signs that he’s ready:

  • Holds his head
  • Sits well when supported
  • Has gained a healthy weight
  • Is curious when your eating
  • Has good coordination (moving things from hand to mouth)

You can find more information here Is my Baby ready for solids?

He does all of these.

This is what made us decide he was ready! We sat down for Sunday lunch at Centre Parcs and he wanted some too!

So we sat him in the highchair and gave him some carrots. He loved it!

He got very excited and screamed as he wanted more. We also gave him Brocolli and Cauliflower, which he loved and was much easier for him to hold.

 Baby led weaning is going great for us. He is exclusively breastfed and that’s still going well, but he’s enjoying having the added extra food. He eats what he wants, although I’m not sure how much he’s eating, and gets to try the different flavours and textures!

I’m looking forward to him trying more and I’m sure he is too. So far he’s tried toast, carrots, brocolli, cauliflower and banana!

We are having mexican for tea tonight, which obviously Alfie can’t have, but he can try the peppers, cheese and the wraps!

I’m not looking forward to clearing up the mess! BLW is messy!! Food gets on the floor, in the highchair, squished on his face, everywhere! Bath time happens a lot more now he makes such a mess… It’s a good job he loves the bath.

I’ll keep you updated with how we get on!

In the meantime Alfie is enjoying his breakfast – toast!

Mummy Fox xx


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