A Family Summer 2016

A Family Summer - A round up of everything we did in our summer holidays. Disneyland, camping, Peppa Pig World, the list goes on...

How has the Summer been and gone? We’ve just gone back to work, and this term is going to hit us with a big bang! I’m going to do a quick round-up of the whole summer. You’ll soon see how crazy we were having not much time off at all!

We’ve had 46 days off, including the weekends, (I’ve had 38.5 days off as I worked a week and bit!). We’ve had four holidays or mini breaks, we’ve had days out, we’ve seen nearly all of our family. There has been Baby play dates, grown up play dates, gaming festivals. We’ve had 5 days at home, a few days at work and an utterly crazy school holidays!

Week 1

Week 1 saw us actually have a day off and a packing day before we headed off to Paris, for Disneyland and our Parisian Adventures. Lots of fun on rides, meeting characters in Cafe Mickey and the Disney Dreams show. Croissants in Paris and a walk along the Seine were just a few of the things we did on our HONEYMOON!

How much better can it get than to start our Summer holidays? Disneyland Paris would be an amazing start to any holiday.

IMG_8906Our view from the Alice in Wonderland Maze

Week 2

Week 2 saw us head up to Manchester to my parents where Dan led a worship at church, before heading back down south to Taunton for the night on our way to Cornwall. Yes, that is us going two hours north for less than 24 hours, to then head wayyy down south for the week! Yes, we are mental!

We went to Cornwall to go camping for the week. It was Alfie’s first camping trip and surprisingly so, I actually don’t think it will be our last! We spent time letting Alfie run around the field, we went to the beach, we had Cream Tea in a garden, we had lots of little adventures.

The first half of the week brought us horrendous weather and bad news but the second half brought the sun and lots of fun!

Week 3

Week 3 saw us have some Alfie free time for the first time in ages! He headed to Dunfield House for a few days with Aunty Anna. Whilst he was away we went to the cinema to see Finding Dory (Which was amazing and yes we went to see a kids film without the kid!) and we got some boring adult jobs done.

We too had a few days at Dunfield before coming home for Alfie and his baby friends to have a pool party. Us mummies made sure we joined in the fun and we had Prosecco! That is the life!


summerHe could be a baby model with that hand on his hip!

Week 4

Week 4 saw Mummy go back to work for a week and Alfie having lots of Daddy time! Alfie and Daddy dropped me off at work and picked me up from work every day. Alfie loved being able to run around my office, sit on my chair (his big chair) and use my computer mouse as a telephone and take a liking to one of the girls in the office… as toddlers do!

Dan and Alfie got to visit his grandparents and do some jobs at home, but they mainly played with toys on the windowsill and bay window seat! I missed Alfie A LOT but it was lovely to hear that Alfie was enjoying having some one on one time with Daddy!

We may have also bought a potty that week… I am not even going to explain that one.

Week 5

Week 5 saw us have a soft play date with Alfie’s friends from his childminders, who he was missing playing with. Soft play is my idea of hell, it can be mental!

We had a lovely family day out at Kingsbury Water Park in the sun, walking around gorgeous lakes and having a picnic and eating ice creams! Daddy and Uncle Ed went to Insomnia and Mummy got some Alfie gorgeous Alfie time.

It was our most relaxing week of the Summer holidays that’s for sure!

Week 6

Week 6 saw us head off to Peppa Pig world at Paulton’s Park. After going to Disney I was worried that it wouldn’t compare and we wouldn’t enjoy it. We still loved it! It’s completely different to Disney, but still an amazing mini break.

We then came home for a day (?!) before heading back off to Dunfield House again for a Church Congregation Weekend! It was a fairly laid back weekend with lots of family and friends around to relax with. It was what we needed to end our summer holidays.

IMG_0495IMG_0234 IMG_0292

Back to Work/School after the best summer

And just like that we were back to work…

Okay, yes we did do A LOT over the summer. It was crazy, frantic and somewhat chaotic at times. Our suitcases were constantly being packed and unpacked, my washing basket and machine were never empty, our fridge was always bare, but our hearts were full of love.

We had the most amazing summer with each other, we did so much as a family, making the most of the time we had off. I’m more exhausted now than when I broke up from school for the summer, but it’s worth it.

It is worth it for the smile on Alfie’s face at every new thing we did and every new place we visited. It was worth it for the fun that we had, the photos we took and the memories we made.

We will never forget the amazing summer we had!

I bet you all had a quieter summer than we did?

Mummy Fox xx