Vtech Toot Toot Fun

Alfie has lots of toys. But our favourite of his is the Vtech Toot Toot Playsets. There are hundreds of different sets and they are amazing!

Toddlers have a lot of toys. Toddlers have a lot of annoying toys. It turns out toddlers also have a lot of awesome toys! I’m looking at you Toot Toot Toys!

We had some friends over this weekend and I realised that it would be difficult to entertain Alfie whilst enjoying time with them too. Well, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought when I realised we are all just big kids really.

With a gamer and an engineer, I thought I’d get them to grab the two 50l boxes we have full of Vtech Toot Toot sets in and set them the task of sorting it and making an awesome track for Alfie, and us, to play with.

Toot Toot Playsets

I didn’t realise how many Toot Toot sets we have. We have the Toot Toot Drivers Train Set, Toot Toot Animals Safari Park, Toot Toot Drivers Fire Station, Toot Toot Big Fire Engine, Toot Toot Drivers Airport, Toot Toot Drivers Garage, Toot Toot Animals Tree House, Toot Toot Drivers Press and Go Launcher and the Toot Toot Tractor. 

We have also got some separate cars and animals, such as the ambulance, a Rhino, a Giraffe and a daddy Goat and a baby Goat (Kid).

We’ve yet to open the Toot Toot Drivers Remote Control Racer and the Toot Toot Drivers Construction Site. What I maybe should have done was a list of the Toot Toot sets that we don’t have!

They are not difficult to put together, some of the permanent bits needs a bit more of a push, but they slot together quite nicely. Some of the Toot Toot playsets come without the stickers on them and you have to put them on yourself. However that doesn’t take very long and it doesn’t really matter if they are not put on right.

The way the track is made allows you to connect the different playsets to be joined together. As you can see from my photos we managed to connect all of the sets we have together, apart from the train station, and it became one big Toot Toot Driver/Animal playset.

When it’s all together it’s huge!

It is amazing to watch Alfie learn through play. You can see that he these toys are actually helping his fine motor skills, his language and his imaginative play. You can’t really ask more from some toys that are bright, colourful, resilient, durable and great for toddlers to play with.

Toot Toot SmartPoint

The Toot Toot Playsets have SmartPoint™ locations on their tracks. SmartPoint animals respond with phrases and music when they travel over the SmartPoint track. The different playsets have different activities whether it be a shape sorter in the Tree House or a lift up launcher on the Garage. The sound effects kept Alfie entertained for hours, he likes to copy them, he’s learning new words and animal noises and it’s helping him with his independent imaginative play!

On the boxes of the Toot Toot Playsets they say it’s suitable for 1-5 years. Alfie is nearly 2 and really enjoying playing with them, but I am 23 and I’m really enjoying them too!

I suppose the only downside to the Toot Toot Playsets are that together can are quite big. But you can play with them separately. If you have the space, like we are lucky to have, it can stay out for days full of fun!

I love putting the tracks together and playing with my boy! Do you have any Toot Toot playsets? Which ones do you have? What should we get next? We don’t have any Toot Toot People yet, are they fun to play with?

Mummy Fox xx

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