Fox Family Time #5 comes to you from the great British seaside town of Blackpool!

Why I Love Blackpool

As I grew up in Manchester one of our local seaside towns was Blackpool and we loved days out there. A few years back my Grandparents decided to sell up and move to an apartment, on the promenade, with the most gorgeous sea views. It was my favourite place to go and visit. They’ve since moved back to the Manchester area and I’ve missed going to Blackpool, being by the seaside and seeing the illuminations.

Blackpool Tower, Blackpool, Seaside

When I told Dan that we had a free weekend and we could fit in a trip to Blackpool we jumped at the chance. We, very last minute of course, booked a night in the Best Western Carlton Hotel on the promenade. (You can read about our love of Best Western Hotels here) It was just outside of town, so a perfect location, and the next day we travelled up the M6 through the horrible rain.

We were lucky whilst we were there as we had pretty good weather, apart from one drenching downpour, all weekend. It was actually quite warm on the Sunday afternoon and a really lovely day.

About Blackpool

Blackpool has three piers, a Tower, the Pleasure Beach and hundreds of arcades across the town. It has a good transport network with Trams running from the Starr Gate all the way to Fleetwood Ferry. It is really easy to get around.

img_1669We spent our time playing on 2p machines in the arcades, having a stroll on the piers and along the promenade, taking in the gorgeous views and eating rock and candyfloss. You can’t go to the seaside without buying some!

Alfie adored being by the sea, he wanted to walk along the sea wall and say hello to every passer by. He really is one of the friendliest toddlers I know!

We had upgraded to a sea view room which we could see a stunning sunset through and decided to go for a walk along the beach in the hope of catching some stunning sunset photos. We had no such luck as the few clouds that were in the sky were on the horizon. However, the colours in the sky were so bold and beautiful!

img_1556-1The other advantage to a sea view room was that you could see the illuminations without even moving from the bed! Alfie was able to stand on the windowsill and watch the illumination train and boat tram go past and we were able to watch his excitement build.

Once it’d got dark we ventured out to catch a tram to the top end of the illuminations and then we walked back. The illuminations haven’t changed much over the last few years and it brought back fond memories, but it was even more exciting watching them through Alfie’s eyes where everything would have been bigger, better and brighter!

img_1621The only thing that would’ve made that day better would be a…

Lie In

Yes, you guessed it Alfie gave us one of the best lie ins ever! He slept in until 9am on the Sunday morning! The fresh air must have done him the world of good, and us too!

We had quite a relaxed Sunday with a gorgeous brunch at Bella Italia and some time spent in the sun. With the car loaded up, we made the most of an Alfie nap. We enjoyed a drink on the third floor balcony of Weatherspoons, over looking the promenade. It is a spectacular view!

Unfortunately, with us having work the next day. So with a horrible traffic filled Sunday evening ahead of us, we had to end our lovely weekend.

img_3605With so many things you can do in Blackpool that we didn’t, we would definitely need another trip. There is the Blackpool Zoo, the sand dunes in Lytham, there is the Sandcastle Waterpark and much, much more. There are two weeks left to go and see the illuminations. They turn them off at the beginning of November.

Send me some pictures if you go!

Mummy Fox xx


4 thoughts on “Fox Family Time #5: Blackpool”

  1. Adore Blackpool. So many memories. I live in Manchester so as you said, it’s our go to place for a beach. I have yet to take my 21 month old daughter yet which I am really sad about. But hoping to take her soon to get in the Christmas mood with the illuminations. You have some really beautiful pictures too. I bet your little one absolutely loved it. #familyfun

  2. Yes, I miss Blackpool too, and have so many fond memories from when you brought Jade with you. Pity we had to leave, it would have been fantastic for Alfie, but still great to see how you three enjoyed yourselves there. If we had stayed, things might not have worked out as they have for you, so it was a blessing. So glad you enjoyed your time there with us. xxxx

  3. 9 am lie in – oh what luxury and what lovely little bonus. I bet the little man loved the illuminations, they really are cool. Glad you all had a good time, it certainly sounds like you did, other than the traffic. I am looking forward to taking my two to Blackpool pleasure beach – when they are old enough to stand the car journey. Thank you for sharing with us at #FamilyFun xx

  4. Sounds like a stunning holiday mini break! Great weather. Love your photos. I must get to Blackpool soon to see the illuminations!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

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