Potty Training

Let me start this post by saying I am not ready for potty training. Not at all.

I don’t want wee on my floor. I definitely don’t want wee on my lovely Next rug! I definitely don’t want to think about the possibility of a number two on said rug either!

I didn’t think that we would get to this point so soon, or even be thinking about it so soon. I’m half wishing that it doesn’t work out, so we can wait a while… Probably not the best parenting advice, but hey ho!

Reasons Alfie is ready for potty training: He’s messing with his nappy a lot, wanting to take it off. He’s interested when we go to the toilet. He sometimes tells us when he’s doing a wee in his nappy. He’s seen others being potty trained. He’s fairly regular.

Reasons he’s not ready for potty training: He’s only 21 months. He’s a boy (Generally speaking they potty train later than girls). He’s lazy. We are never at home. His mother is not ready.

Reasons to potty train: No more nappies. (Well in the day to begin with anyways). It would be easier to use a potty/toilet. Encourage independence.

Reasons not to potty train: He may not be ready. It could set us back a bit. We don’t have the time to spend at home potty training. He’s not ready to be potty trained outside the house. It’s a messy task!!

The cons definitely outweigh the pros on this one!

We even had him using his Etch a Sketch to sit on the potty!

However, one night last week Alfie screamed the house down because he wanted to sit on the toilet. He then screamed “Potty!” whilst sat on the toilet and got himself all worked up because we didn’t have one. We had to drive out to Asda and buy a Potty and a Toilet Seat as he quite likes sitting on the toilet.

We then had a couple of days with no nappy on. We told him if he needed a wee to tell us and he could sit on the potty or go to the big toilet. Every time he needed a wee he did it next to the potty!

He then started to ask for his nappy. We have decided that he’s probably not ready yet, he’s not telling us when he’s weeing anymore and I don’t want to force something he’s not ready for. He does now want to wear his George Pig underpants over his nappy all the time… Strange kid!

What can we do when we try again? Do you have any suggestions? Would you use pull ups for the first few days of going out? Any top tips? Let me know!

Mummy Fox xx

A Cornish Mum

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